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Group Founder: twilight
Description: Past, present and future of the WAP technology.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 1520
Category: Technology, Internet & Wireless > WAP-Mobile Internet

Topics (61)

go :: members groups :: (20) toddster
promote your groups here for all members to get maximum value and the full prodigits experience

go HOW TO USE INTERNET? (10) gr8boss

go Image Uploading (7) b_4_b
I have a Nokia3230 n i can never upload my pic to my wapsite! It says i need to define an 'Image Server'.. What is an 'Image Server' n how do i do to define it? Can anyone help? Thnx!

go Engadget (0) antoniojravellanosa
All smartphone users who have successfully installed hurdled all tech problems and hacks along the way to reach this level;this could be the apprentice class level leading to itcert and visa paypal gi...

go cnet (1) antoniojravellanosa
for more tech news and gadget and mobile info updates cnet can be a very good source of information.cnet is on google search.more freewares from cnet.

go softonic (0) antoniojravellanosa
softonic is the mobile pc server suite for all samsung and compatible devices.more freeware at softonic.112 online.sharepage

go wap (0) antoniojravellanosa
i cannot tell how many mobile carriers have wap but the more familiar once which really is used with utmost confidentiality still cannot be disclosed for general public knowledge.

go Have any big Problem? Get solved here! (22) aks700
Hi proditians and wap group members, If you have any questiong, problem, doubt etc about wap or techonological things, ask me here! Your doubts will be clear and questions will get an answer. And we w...

go See clipart name in chat wid opera (3) aks700
In chatrooms we see clips and like them and wish to know there name.but opera and some other browsers doesnt let us see their ALT tag cuz they are fast. Here is a trick to find out, what clip was use...

go Unlock nokia mobiles Security code (3) aks700
Hi wapers, Forgot your nokia phone's security code? don't worry... follow these steps to get ur mastercode wich can be use instead of security code. you can restore factory settings using mastercode a...

go My first PHP script!! (5) aks700
After having a good exprience in html now am trying to learn some php through net. I just create a simple calculator using php at this sunday. click to try my calculator: not a sp...

go Mobile game cheats (8) aks700
Collection of tips, tricks and cheats for some popular games on wap/mobile.

go Hide Files or FoldersUsing Command Promp (1) aks700
Trick to hide files andfolders using CommandPromptThe most important thing isthat, once hidden with thismethod, the files/folderscannot be viewed by anysearch options even if youclick Show All Hidden ...

go Paint Secrets (1) aks700
Create a trail image1. Open Paint, then open animage.2. Right-click on the image andselect Select All3. Now hold the Shift keyand move the image around.The image will be drawn withtrail

go Notepad Secrets (1) aks700
Create a log1. Open Notepad2. On the very first line, type in .LOG (without quotes)then press Enter for a newline3. Now you can type in sometext if you want, then savethe file.4. Next time when you op...


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go is the future of the web mobile?